espl season 2 schedule

Registrations for ESPL 2 started on June 10, 2022, with the initial end date set for June 15. However, the registrations were extended by two days on request from the BGMI community, but the first phase of the tournament started as per schedule.

The first phase of the tournament, Open Qualifiers is scheduled to take place between June 21 and July 1. Registered teams from across India will compete amongst themselves in this stage for the top 12 ranks. These 12 teams will make their way to the subsequent stages including the offline LAN grand finals and the Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ).

Invitational Qualifiers, the second part of the first phase is scheduled from July 2 to July 15. Here the invited professional esports teams and athletes will be facing each other for the first time.

Last Chance Qualifiers (also known as Wild Card Qualifiers) will be held from July 16 to July 23. After the selection of the top 12 teams (2 from Open Qualifiers for underdogs + 10 from Invitational Qualifiers) to compete in the offline LAN finals, this round gives a second chance to two more teams.

Finally, the Offline LAN or the Grand Finals will start on July 30 and end on August 3. Here, a total of 16 teams will compete for the top spot.