ESPL Season 2 Prizepool

INR 1 Crore

ESPL Season 2 carries a massive prize pool of Rs. 1 crore while marking a significant increase from the previous season. As part of the ESports Premier League 2022 prize pool, the winning esports team will take home Rs. 50 lakhs. Second-placed and third-placed teams would receive Rs. 25 lakhs and Rs. 10 lakhs respectively. A sum of Rs. 3 lakhs would be won by the 4th placed team whereas the 5th ranked team would earn Rs. 2 lakhs as winnings. There’s a cash prize on offer for all the top 16 teams of the Grand Finals.

That’s not all as ESPL Season 2 will also offer various awards based on performance, determination, and grit shown by individual players during the esports tournament. Most Valuable Player of the tournament will be awarded Rs. 1,00,000. Fan Favorite Team, voted for by the esports fans, will be awarded an Rs. 50,000 cash prize. Best IGL (in-game leader) will be given to a player who led her/his team exceptionally well in ESPL Season 2. Best Clutch will be given to a player or team that produces a moment of triumph against all odds. Most Finishes By A Squad, Best Clutch, and Best IGL will also receive Rs.50,000 cash prize peach.