espl season 2 Format


(Online Qualifiers 8 teams X Invitational 8 Teams)

Lan Finals

(16 Teams)

ESports Premier League (ESPL) Season 2 is the second edition of India’s first franchise-based esports tournament. ESPL Season 2 will begin with Open qualifiers where underdog teams from across the nation would compete to earn a spot to compete in ESPL Season 2 Offline LAN against the top BGMI teams. The final stages of the Open qualifiers will see the top 2 teams head straight to the offline LAN grand finals of the esports tournament while the 3rd and 4th ranked teams head to Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ).

A total of 32 teams have been invited to the invitational qualifiers. These top teams include the most talented BGMI esports teams from the country. The top 10 teams will join the winners of Open Qualifiers at the LAN event while the rest 22 teams will head to the LCQ for a second chance. LCQ will give 2 teams from Open Qualifiers and 22 teams from Invitational qualifiers a second chance to grab the final two spots for ESPL 2 LAN. These 14 teams, along with 2 specially invited teams for this season, will comprise the final 16 teams.